Our commitment is to provide you with exceptional operational execution and service reliability so you can focus on growing your core business in a more scalable and cost-effective manner. We help you meet your front and back office support needs through our well-trained staff associates, cutting edge technology, quality control system, and our customized service models.

Staff Associates Technology

  • Staff is fluent in English and Spanish
  • Recruiting and vetting is conducted to ensure proper matching with Glass Mountain company culture and employee performance expectations
  • Glass Mountain training methodology is based on continuous employee development, support through intensive onboard training, nesting, and ongoing coaching
  • Glass Mountain training programs include continuing education workshops focusing on client branding, compliance, interpersonal skills, development, accent neutralization, as well as products and systems training


  • Operations facility has 24/7 onsite security service with biometric and card security access along with camera / video encrypted surveillance
  • IT and telephony infrastructure is protected and has redundancy systems in place to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery utilizing the following technology:
  • Oracle Contact Center
  • Anywhere Software
  • GSM Gateways
  • Cat6 cables
  • Fortinet and pfSence
  • Cybersecurity / Firewall
  • Three internet service providers

Quality Control

Designated Quality Control Department that monitors and tracks the execution of all business process services Glass Mountain QC policy is based on a three-prong methodology:

Customer Service Models

Glass Mountain Hybrid Model allows our clients greater flexibility in choosing the services they really need for a more strategic and cost saving approach in outsourcing business services:

Option 1: Glass Mountain Managed Services Includes a full selection of resources and services as well as staff and managers

Option 2: Client Leasing Client directly manages and directs the services and operations (this option includes a full selection of resources and recruitment services)

Option 3: Project Specific Engagements May be either a Glass Mountain managed or client leasing engagement that has a set timeframe and / or specified deliverable (this option includes a full selection of resources and recruitment services)